Other than the annual cultural activities, there are a range of extracurricular activities that students are engaged in when not preoccupied by tedious lectures, practicals, clinicals, case-discussions......

There are provisions for several indoor and outdoor sports activities.

GHMC & H has a wide variety of sports activities from indoor sports like Carom, Chess to outdoor activities like Badminton, Volleyball, Throw ball and Cricket. Track and Field events are also conducted.  Students and even faculty find it relaxing to engage in some physical activities between their busy schedules which help provide some respite from the daily academic routines.

At the institution an annual sports day is organized too, wherein students and teachers avidly participate in several sports activities. The winners of the events are awarded trophies and medals in the Prize Distribution Ceremony.
Magazine committee of the student’s association under the guidance of staff committee releases magazine every year, which stimulates the writing spirit of the students as well as staffs.



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